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  • Lou Killeffer

Copyrighting 101

Long before there was a Miami Ad School there was - and remarkably enough there still is - Tom Waits, whose words, and music, evoke some pretty powerful imagery.

Particularly here, and clearly by design, if only because the words are, well, so well, worn...

Here then's Tom's treatise on advertising; a rollicking five minute and thirty second catalog of copy, startling subheads included at no extra charge. Granted it's a bit of a look back, but still and all required content in the ever-evolving college of advertising knowledge.

So, with a tip of the hat to some of my favorite people, particularly Len, Bill, Patrick, Tom, Barry, Larry, Helayne, Augusten, Adam, Harold, and Scott...close your eyes, listen in, and see what springs to mind, or as Tom says Step Right Up!

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