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  • Lou Killeffer

Advertising in the Age of Alexa or: How to Stop Worrying and Build Your Brand

When the "Advertising Campaigns" course I taught last year (Chobani & Chapel Hill) became unavailable, Carolina asked me to create a new course of my own, and last week the Curriculum Committee approved it: MEJO 490.5 "Advertising in the Age of Alexa or: How to Stop Worrying and Build Your Brand".

My aim is an exploration of established advertising and brand theory and their evolving best practices in response to decades of continuous digital disruption. Through selected readings, engaging discussion, student research, and live interface with some of today’s most enlightened, real-world practitioners, we'll investigate:

  • How the never ending cascade of content on powerful platforms shapes both attitudes and behavior, indeed, how we live our lives, with profound consequences for our shopping behavior, purchase decisions, and the marketing strategies designed to engage consumers through “advertising”.

  • How previously proven marketing communications methods, and entire ad based business and service models, have been challenged, destroyed, and discarded.

  • Why the fundamental objectives and tools in creating brand based relationships remain remarkably constant in a dynamic sector driving change in technology, culture, and commerce, and

  • What it all might mean for students seeking a career in the maturing or emerging wings of the profession.

It's feels great to be going back to school!

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