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  • Lou Killeffer

Happy Holidays!

With thanks again for a wonderful year, here are the

top three posts of 2018 for your winter reading pleasure!

Trust - the Challenge CMOs Face Today

When my friends at Perpetual Insights asked "What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the CMO these days?" I said the single biggest challenge are two entirely unrelated dynamics dealing with trust. Specifically, the collapse of professional trust between CMOs and their advertising agencies - and far more damaging - the strategic erosion of personal trust between the majority of consumers and so many previously well-regarded more here

From Mad Men to Math Men:

Frenemies by Ken Auletta

Ken Auletta's a gifted reporter with the remarkable relationships and inside media knowledge that have distinguished his profiles at The New Yorker since 1992.

His new book, Frenemies weaves his piercing analysis, wonderful anecdotes, and a torrent of facts and figures into a compelling people driven narrative.

One with staggering implications for the future of advertising - its aging governess the ad agency - and the future organization of commerce and society...learn more here

A Truly Innovative Triangle

While management theory promotes any number of “innovation triangles”as the touchstone to new products, (think Simon Says in a polygon), my recent experience suggests success may have both a theoretical basis and a geographic one - particularly one centered in the Piedmont of North Carolina...Herewith a brief walk through a baker’s dozen of the extraordinary entrepreneurs and enterprises making waves today on Tobacco more here

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