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  • Lou Killeffer

A Values-Based Health Care Company

Great to be working again with my friends at PanTheryx, the innovative Boulder, Colorado based company focused on improving public health and the quality of life globally.

Founded in 2007 by Tim Starzl and his wife Bimla, what began as a humanitarian mission has become, through remarkable science, a broad-spectrum solution to some of our most pressing global health problems. Today, PanTheryx is working to realize the potential of nutrition-based interventions on serious GI microbiome related health conditions. The company is also the premier supplier of bovine colostrum, applying its unique vertical integration to developing first-in-class therapeutic products ranging from medical foods to biologics.


The company’s first commercial product, DiaResQ, addresses infectious diarrhea, a leading cause of death worldwide among children under five. In 2015, DiaResQ was chosen from among 500 innovative treatments by IC2030’s Reimagining Global Health as one of the top thirty healthcare innovations with the potential to transform global health by 2030; recognition that was led by PATH, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and USAID.

Equity of Access

Through its Equity of Access Initiative, PanTheryx partners with non-profits to reach the neediest children in rural and low-income areas most susceptible to disease while also training community health workers on prevention and treatment. PanTheryx Equity of Access aims to not only ensure that every individual has equal access to their transformative products, but that they continue their research to address the diseases afflicting developing nations and their people worldwide.

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