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Five Mile River Marketing is a full-service agency. We help drive growth through compelling strategy and solutions in branding, marketing, and innovation.

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“Lou and his team are consummate professionals. His refined and analytical approach was engaging. Their diligence with details, strong communication skills, and pragmatic recommendations have worked well for the company.“

-- Jean Briand, SVP Finance, Ag Business, CHS, Inc.

While all our clients are unique, they all share a common bond - everyone needs to create topline growth. Here's how we help:

We believe success in business occurs from the inside out proceeding from internal clarity of identity and purpose.


We work with leaders and their teams from CEOs and executive teams to the directors, managers, and employees in the field that are quite literally the company and the brand.


We know the extraordinary value of a dynamic brand and how to build and sustain one.


We apply proven principles to create insight-driven strategies that propel change and deliver results.


We understand performance and change are people led, that plans and systems should point and smooth the way, but it’s people that make the difference.

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