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  What Our Clients Say  


"Louis’ approach is thoughtful and diligent. He went to great lengths to understand our culture and business model and brought us fresh insights on ourselves and the issues in creating a plan of action. The thinking and service provided were exemplary."

- Erich Joachimsthaler, Founder & CEO, Vivaldi Partners Group


Marketing Strategy

"Lou Killeffer helped us see our audience more clearly and then design our next-gen marketing strategy. He's really great at simplifying the complex." 

- Julie Anixter, Executive Director, American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) 



"Lou's strategic and interpersonal skills are solid. He helped us accept reality, align our values, and look ahead to state clear ambitions and the priorities to get there. He drew from us the insights that formed our vision. The result was far better clarity and commitment across the board."

- Brian Flaherty, SVP, Public Policy, Connecticut Business & Industry Association (Worked with FMRM at NWNA) 



"Five Mile River Marketing understands large corporations and the challenges they face in marketing and innovation. Lou Killeffer quickly grasped our disruptive big-data business model and even made significant recommendations to dramatically strengthen it. His strategic smarts are impressive." 

- Amir Golan, EVP Business Development, Signals Analytics


Business Development

"Lou's versatile talents were quite helpful to Buyology, Inc. The marketing strategy he developed, and the new business engine he drove from a standing start, were instrumental in Buyology's initial success." 

- Martin Lindstrom, Brand Futurist 



“Lou helped shape our vision and culture at a time when there was concern and uncertainty across the organization. His disciplined process, thought leadership, and relationship-building skills ensured that the leadership had the foundation needed to move on to a path of change.”

- Nikhil Bahadur, Partner, Strategy & PwC (Worked with FMRM at NWNA) 


Marketing Communications

"Lou's a skilled marketing strategist and communicator all in one. He’s smart and has lots of ideas. He helped us position our start up and wrote several scripts for the video content we wrapped around the launch.”

- Wayne Simmons, Co-Founder, Optiv LLC


Corporate Strategy

“I’d the pleasure of working directly with Lou on our corporate strategy. He took an innovative and fresh approach to bringing us together as an executive team to create a strategic growth plan that was instrumental in helping the company transition into what it’s become today.”

- Dave Muscato, President, Home Service, Schwan Food Company (Worked with FMRM at NWNA) 



"Lou's a quick study and a savvy strategic thinker. He intuitively understood our business model, which scares some people, and how to strengthen it. He also gets startups and transformational change - a welcome combination in today's turbulent media landscape."

- Carll Tucker, Founder & Chair, Daily Voice


Strategic Planning

"Five Mile River Marketing has made many contributions through the years -  from internal branding and employee communications to facilitating corporate alignment, planning and strategy, to effective marketing communications. Lou always provides a fresh and welcome perspective in formulating direction, gathering consensus, and implementing the plan. He thinks broadly about our business but always with a view to marketplace success.”

- Heidi Paul, Consultant (Worked with FMRM at NWNA) 



“Our model and community are global, and our enterprise is fast paced and content driven. It's both very exciting and challenging at the same time. Lou’s talents have made him an effective advisor and contributor of ours for years.”

- Mari Anixter, Managing Editor, Innovation Excellence

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