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  • Lou Killeffer

Chobani & Chapel Hill

Thrilled to announce Chobani has agreed be the prospective client in my Advertising Campaigns course at the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chobani is truly exceptional in too many respects to repeat here. But perhaps the most conspicuous is its primary role in the social, cultural, and commercial evolution that’s upending Big Food.

Simply can’t imagine a healthier, more engaging product line; or a more meaningful mission and values based brand. Much less a more delicious one...

The class, with students divided into five-person agency/teams, replicates an agency new business pitch through the intensive collaboration and teamwork required to create, execute, and present a completely fresh ad campaign in a time constrained, competitive environment.

Each agency/team will progress through:

  • An analysis of the product offering and brand position

  • Research into the target audience and the consumer mindset

  • Determination marketing/communications objectives and strategies

  • Execution of a creative campaign against their strategy

  • Development of an integrated media plan with budgeting and spend by channel

  • The tools and metrics to gauge success

  • Presented in a comprehensive proposal (The Leave Behind), and

  • A formal 20-minute oral presentation to Chobani (The Pitch)

Several key people to thank, beyond Hamdi Ulukaya who’s clearly created - and is quite obviously still creating - something special.

First and foremost, good friend and former client, Chobani COO, Tim Brown. Also, Chief Creative Officer, and Carolina J School Alum, Leland Maschmeyer. And SVP, Corporate Affairs, Michael Gonda; Director of Communications, Jason Rahlan; and VP, Commercial Marketing, Scott Bacco.

Thank you all very much!

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