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  • Lou Killeffer

Can't Thank You Enough!

In this season of Thanksgiving, in anticipation of taking next semester off here at Carolina, I again thank all the extraordinary guest speakers who’ve joined me in “Advertising in the Age of Alexa” and the “Advertising Campaign” classes over the last five years.

The professional acumen and compelling presence of these remarkable people expanded the range and relevance of these courses far beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve on my own.

Thank you one and all!

Some Simply Spectacular Guest Speakers

  • David Baldwin, Co-Founder at Take Your Seat, Lead Guitar at Baldwin&, Co-Founder and Brand Master at Ponysaurus Brewing, Author of The Belief Economy

  • Scott Bacco, VP/GM, CPG Krispy Kreme, previously VP Commercial Markets, Chobani

  • Esther Campi, CEO, Campi & Company

  • Josh Carlton, Founder, 500THz

  • Catherine Chao, VP, Strategy & Evaluation, The Ad Council

  • Tiffany Fuller, Senior Strategist, Ogilvy

  • Haley Gardner, Senior Account Specialist, Eckel & Vaughan

  • Jim Geikie, President & CEO, Gaia Herbs, Partner, One Better Ventures

  • Patrick Givens, Principal Product Marketing Lead for Audio Ads, Product, and Events, Amazon Ads

  • Kaitlyn Goforth, Senior Account Manager, Eckel & Vaughan

  • Jeremy Holden, Co-Chair Emeritus, Clean

  • Natalie Perkins Holden, Co-Chair Emeritus, Clean

  • Anushkaa Jain, Consultant, Kantar

  • Sean Jecko, Founder, QUENCH Insights

  • Katherine Killeffer, Senior Designer, Pentagram

  • Louis Levin, Account Executive, USA Today

  • Mike Manganillo, VP Marketing, Walk West

  • Leland Maschmeyer, Chairman, Collins, Managing Partner, Kelmhurst Capital

  • Jalea Morris, Policy Specialist, YouTube at Google

  • Elise Parks, Strategy Lead, Clean

  • Grace Ricks, Digital Account Manager, Eckel & Vaughan

  • Antonio Sciuto, SVP, Global Business Development Officer, Salesforce

  • Phil Simons, Account Manager, Baldwin&


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