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  • Lou Killeffer

Thank You again, Patrick Givens!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It was wonderful, and remarkably apt, to welcome Patrick Givens, the Principal Product Marketing Manager, Audio Advertising Lead for Amazon, back to class to speak with us in “Advertising in the Age of Alexa” here at the University of North Carolina last week.

To date, Patrick’s extraordinary career has featured significant roles at some of the most evolved and innovative agencies; including Droga5, Anomaly, and most recently, VaynerMedia where he created and led VaynerSmart focused on the revolutionary new opportunities in voice and audio marketing created by the rapidly emerging trends in AI and IoT.

Of course the agency world's loss is Amazon's gain. And it’s hard to imagine anyone better equipped to help advertisers realize all that Amazon's new suite of ad solutions has to offer going forward.

If you and your brand aren’t advertising "beyond the screen" with Amazon just yet, trust me, you will; just as sure as your key competitors quite probably already are.


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