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  • Lou Killeffer

Promoting Farmer Foodshare

I’m excited to be advising Farmer Foodshare, the extraordinary non-profit in Durham, North Carolina on their brand, its stewardship and communications.

From the foundational belief that "everyone deserves access to fresh food", Farmer Foodshare connects the people in their community who grow food with the people in their community who need food. Elegant in its simplicity and remarkable for its ambition, their insight is that fighting hunger and building a healthy, viable food system are mutually reinforcing. Indeed, that making fresh, local food available to everyone in their community makes both children and their families healthier while ensuring the hardworking local farmer makes a healthy living.

Last year alone they distributed 239,055 pounds of fresh food sourced from 600 local farmers to help feed 58,100 hungry people!

Simply put, they’re committed problem solvers bringing increased access to, equity across, and capacity and sustainability to the fresh local food grown by small and mid-scale farmers. You’ll find Farmer Foodshare’s 2016 Annual Report here

If you don’t know about them, or somewhat similar organizations you may well find in your own backyard, you will – and you should. They’re pioneering creative and meaningful real-world solutions to critical societal issues through imagination, dedication, and hard work.

It's great to be involved with people doing such big things. As so many of you already know well, volunteering to make a difference, and getting others to join you, is incredibly rewarding in so many wonderful ways.

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