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  • Lou Killeffer

Fresh Food Focused on Local Need

For one in five children, healthy food isn't an option. That's right, one in five...

I'm truly excited to support the continued success of Farmer Foodshare with their new positioning and tagline - and a brand new logo designed by my good friend and colleague, Scott Ballew.

My continued thanks to Farmer Foodshare's entire Board, particularly their remarkable new Chair, Nicole Kempton, and the extraordinary Executive Team of Gini Bell, Kate Rugani, Katy Phillips, and David Szczepankowski.

Please take a moment now to see what Farmer Foodshare's accomplishing in both sustainable local farming and the hunger relief stream in Durham, North Carolina. And if you will please consider volunteering, donating, or just talking them up.

It's a uniquely inspiring and innovative and model that really works - with enormous upside for everyone it touches!

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